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Trip7 Resources (Pty) Ltd  has approximately 32 years experience in the training and development, mining and various tech sectors like the telecoms industry spanning various disciplines ranging from apprenticeship training programs to engineering training development, management development training for various West African mining projects, plant design and commissioning, tech design to the creation of patents in the mining industry as well as the oil and gas industry. 

Over the last 11 years our role in the local mining industry in South Africa changed from sitting watching changes to creating changes in the industry. We developed innovative technology applications ranging from copper metal production from ore based slurries without heavy chemicals to proving precious metals acquisition via bio friendly applications. Currently we are sitting on many solutions not only within the process engineering world but even to simple solutions for water purification.   


During a period in the Cancer Arena we entered the world or research and development which weirdly resulted in solutions for tailings recovery and this has literally snowballed into just about every mining element application through our ultrasonic division that originated from this Cancer Research. The success has been above all expectations and it grows on a daily basis.

We aim to keep our current projects and clientele project details under the utmost security and privacy and thus this website does not mention any of our clientele but does have some ideas about various solutions we are either busy with or currenly building.


Trip7 Resources does Cancer Support and Research through a Public Benefit Organisation called Cancer Heroes, and as a member of the Cancer Alliance of South Africa, and aims to support all cancer patients, their families and caregivers!

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